Master Showers & Bathrooms

Today bathrooms are more than purely functional. They are a place to relax and enjoy, a place to make a statement or flex your creativity, a place to make your very own! At NuStone Transformations, we provide a full range of bathroom transformations to fit your needs.

From countertops to cabinet refacing, from bathroom vanities to master showers, from minor upgrades to full bathroom remodels. NuStone Transformations can recreate your space in as little as a day, with minimal mess!

You’ll work with our certified design staff to combine beautifully engineered quartz or stone surfaces with fine recycled mosaic tiles or semitransparent colored glass to create a stunning, luxurious master shower or bath that doesn’t require maintenance, and is mildew and mold resistant.

From large spaces to small spaces…
The right design can make all the difference to developing the functional space you’ve always dreamed about.


Relaxation starts with luxurious designs.
Whether you want a spa getaway or a master shower retreat, the NuStone Transformation will have you soaking in the luxury.


All the pieces bring the big picture to life!
When the right pieces come together, you’ll feel like you’ve finally got that bathroom of your dreams. Your Nu DREAM bath!

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