Products & Materials

Our unique products are up to 95% natural materials such as stonequartz and glass. These materials are combined to create beautiful, unique colors and patterns, then mixed with a high performance acrylic polymer and diamond-polished to create an extraordinarily strong surface that is scratch, heat and stain resistant. The result is a lighter, more beautiful and essentially maintenance free surface that is as long-lasting and attractive as the most expensive granite. And best yet, unlike solid granite and stone surfaces, our products are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Products include:

– Quartz Countertops, Recycled Glass Countertops
– Mosaic Tiles, Glass Tiles
– Acrylic Bath Surfaces, Flooring
– Cabinets & Cabinet Refacing

So whether it’s cabinets, plumbing and fixtures or an engineered stone countertop, we stand behind our product partners and encourage you to visit their sites to see their full line of products. We’ll do our best to use their products to create the Nu space of your dreams!

  • Engineered stone
  • Cabinet refacing
  • Plumbing & fixtures

Engineered Stone offers many performance advantages over "traditional" stone surfaces and are beautifully crafted to look and feel natural!